When Gray Skies Make for Sunny Smiles | Arlington Alexandria Bethesda Washington D.C. Family Photographer

Look at any interior design publication today, and you’ll see that gray is the color of the moment. It’s easy to see why — everything just pops against it. As an Alexandria family photographer, I’m always amazed at how gray, rainy days often make for the best pictures. For the Lee family, the cloudy skies were definitely the silver lining on what turned out to be a very brilliant photo shoot at Jones Point Park in Alexandria.

While fall naturally brings a vibrant palette to the table, Ting Lee’s carefully chosen outfits really made a splash. I’ve been photographing the Lees since their oldest, 4-year-old Parker, was a baby, and Ting always picks the best clothes. Today, she knit her family into a quilt of coordinated colors and textures — her yellow skirt matched to Parker’s jacket and 2-year-old Skyler’s little teal leggings harkening the hues of husband Brad’s knit sweater were the perfect unifying motif for their shoot. That’s probably why my favorite shot is of the family playing in the leaves — against the gray backdrop, the the colors — and the fun — just soar.

As an Alexandria photographer, I love seeing first-hand what children bring to each on-location photoshoot. Puddles aren’t problems but playthings to 2- and 4-year-olds, and a chance to wear chunky boots is an invitation to romp to their hearts' desire. During their visit to Jones Point Park, the Lees had the world at their fingertips to play and make memories — and the smiles that we captured were brighter than any sunny day I’ve seen.