Countdown to Baby Millwater | 8 more weeks!

Today Baby Millwater is the size of a head of lettuce and due to arrive around 8 weeks from now so I thought it was the perfect time to post some of our maternity photos on the blog.

One of the perks of being a photographer is having amazingly talented photographer friends like Julia of Julia Rochelle Photography. The weather had just not been cooperating for our maternity shoot  that week and she was nice enough to snap these for us at the last minute on a beautiful day at Glen Echo Park. 

The weather was gorgeous and I can't wait to take Baby Millwater there when she gets a little older to ride the carousel. It is such a special place to us and I am so happy we have these images to treasure. 


Home is Where the Heart Is | Clarksburg Bethesda Rockville Family Photographer

Home is where the heart is​ — and for the Brant family, that often is at Red Wiggler Community Farm. Verdant pastures, brick-red barns with chipped-white trim and rusty silos—the place has beautiful bones. But Rockwellian vistas aside, it’s the CSA cooperative’s heart that keeps the Brants coming back each weekend. The homestead in rural Montgomery County specializes in creating meaningful jobs for adults with developmental disabilities, and the Brants have been among it’s most faithful supporters—a brick bearing their name even rests in the courtyard.

Where we grow up has much to do with how our character is shaped. It was a particular privilege, then, to shoot the Brants in a setting that clearly has taught their children, 8-year-old Aidan and 5-year-old Isabella, values that they’ll carry with them long after the summer harvests here have been reaped and sowed a lifetime over.

My favorite shots are those of the Brants dwarfed amid the towering frames of the farm’s barns and silos. Aside from the gorgeous all-American juxtaposition of the family’s blue denim against crimson fa├žades, I love the symbolism the shots represent — the idea that we’re all working in service of something larger than ourselves, like the altruistic mission of the farm.

More than that though, I love the idea of the farm as a stage for play. I particularly have a fondness for the frame where Aidan and Isabella are having a secret moment along the window sills, a site where years from now they’ll visit and reminisce, “If these walls could talk.”

In the end, a home isn’t made up of walls at all. It’s made up of people. So I’ll defer to the shot of the Brant family brick surrounded by four pairs of sure-footed feet. More than any other image, that one, to me, feels like home.