You Can't Shut Down a Photographer's Shutter | Bethesda Family Photographer

You can shut down the Smithsonian; you can shut down the monuments; and you can even shut down the national parks. But families never quit. Despite being prohibited by Uncle Sam from taking a walk in their favorite park, the Daggett family eschewed the idea of canceling their on-location family photo shoot. For them, it was business as usual, and (unlike our Congress) they were all about getting the job of capturing the perfect family shot done.

So in the early weekday morning hours, John and Elizabeth and their darling sons Charlie (4) and Henry (2) appeared on the boardwalk of the Georgetown waterfront, very much a alive and enthusiastic in a town that has virtually gone to sleep.

As a photographer, I find that unexpected location changes can be golden opportunities. They challenge me to be creative on my feet and remind me of the importance of being flexible. Luckily the Daggetts were more than willing to collaborate and make compromises--exchanging the idea of a park bench in Jones Point Park for a dormant fountain along the Potomac and the spectacular backdrop of Key Bridge. And though not part of our original plan, all parties were thrilled with the result--particularly Charlie and Henry, who skipped and fist-pumped their way through the shoot with adorable glee.

One thing is for certain: While the government shutdown has put freeze on a great many things, it can't put a stopper on the every-day beauty of a clear morning sunrise and a loving family assembled together. I'll vote for that.