Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day? | Bethesda Family Photographer

Summer and childhood are all too fleeting. Bright and vibrant, they represent an unbridled joy and sense of wonder that’s difficult to hold onto as long days turn into long nights and flowers fade from sight. Yet the power of a summertime family photograph is in its ability to capture both the season and our childhoods indelibly. Seasons come and go, but a photograph is forever.

That’s why I love the plucky defiance of the Barber family, who milked this past Labor Day for all the bit of summer it had left, wearing their best seersucker—complete with summer hats and floral bows.

I love the symbolism of seasonal shoots because the environment lends a sense of delicacy and urgency that complements the subjects. Just look at the shot of 4-year-old Lucy: Her close-up skin is as soft and new as the wildflowers she is savoring, her baby blonde hair like wisps of summer grass. And what about the exuberant portrait of 2-year-old Andrew, his smile as bright as the blooms in Bishop’s Garden?

A snapshot in time. Like summer, those childish visages will grow and change and even harden like the seasons. But in the corner of a home—on a wall, a piano, or a desk while the clock ticks and the snow falls—a slice of childhood and piece of summer will shine on in the background waiting to be rediscovered.