There’s No Place Like DC During Cherry Blossom Season | DC Photographer

Maybe it’s because we share the same name, but I feel a lot like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz every time spring comes to DC. Each winter I hunker down for a few grey months, and then—like magic—I wake up one morning to a city awash in Technicolor.

Of course, I’m referring to DC’s annual rite of spring passage: the cherry blossoms. As a DC photographer, the cherry blossoms are a photographer’s dream—the creamy-pink backdrops that drape the monuments and Tidal Basin were just made for spring photo shoots.

Whether it’s families seeking to grab their little munchkins and skip hand-in-hand down their own little yellow-brick road to the perfect family photograph or couples seeking to capture their piece of paradise over the rainbow with a wedding or engagement portrait, you couldn’t find a better setting if you landed in Hollywood.

My annual DC cherry blossom family photo shoots, which this year take place between March 15, 2013 and April 20, 2013, are always my favorites—but unlike Dorothy, I would be quite content to stay in Oz forever.