Every Day Should Be Like Valentine’s Day | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

We’ve all seen that classic comedy in which Bill Murray is forced to re-live Groundhog Day over and over again. It wasn’t pretty. But if you’re Amy and Scott, you’d want to re-live Groundhog Day into perpetuity. For them, February 2 was a picture-perfect wedding day.

It’s not often we get everything we want—but when we do, we definitely want a photographer there to capture every second of it.

Amy had everything—from the sleek satin dress hung in anticipation from her room at the W Hotel in Washington, DC, to the delicate feathered flower she wore in hair. Vintage antique ring: check. Incredibly handsome groom: double check. The only thing that would make it extra special would be snow—and she got that, too. Naturally we had take advantage of the moment and shoot her and Scott outside on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Bare-shouldered and vulnerable, you’d think Amy would be freezing, but this portrait exudes a warmth against the grey sky that only newlyweds know how to produce.

Any bride will tell you that the secret to wedding success is in the little details, and this collection captures tons. I love that amid the dominant colors of black and white, each frame captures a particularly beautiful moment with soft pops of color: Amy’s sea-foam-green eyes, her petal-pink lips, or that single, brilliant red rose that bleeds into her bouquet—even the multicolored tapestry hangs like a rainbow over the black-and-white tile of the reception hall.

Every couple wishes each day could be like Valentine’s Day (or Groundhog Day in Amy and Scott’s case). And with an album of memories like these, every day can be.