A Picture-Perfect Princess | Bethesda Family Photographer

Everyone growing up had that singular costume to which we were particularly attached—sometimes we even insisted on sleeping in it. And for 4-year-old Emily, it’s her sparkly blue princess gown that rarely sees the bottom of her dress-up bin.

Just like our baby curls and our tiny hands, our favorite clothes were just as much a part of our pint-sized personality as our toothless grins—which is why they’re also worth preserving in a quality photograph.

I wanted to focus on the little things that were most important to Emily. Whether it was highlighting her dainty fingers that girlishly pinch at the tulle of her gown or providing detail shots of her tiara, shoes, and socks, the objects in these frames are the incidentals that will remind her parents years from now what exactly caused that gushing smile to spread across that snow-white face.

In these shots, I’ve captured Emily just as she sees herself—as a happy little princess. The joy that shines from her face as she sashays through her own enchanted forest in the heart of Glen Echo Park provides a snapshot of what every parent wants to remember: their child at their happiest.