The Perks of Props | Bethesda Baby Photographer

When our parents tell us about where we came from, they often joke that we just showed up on their doorstep in a basket, perfect and precious. That’s exactly how Baby Kayleigh arrived for her photoshoot in the Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC—a bundle of joy wrapped up in an antique wooden washbasin her mom brought on loan from the repurposed home goods store, The Endless Elm.

I love it when parents bring props to the shoot. It really helps make the final product personal and meaningful—and it helps make the shoot comfortable from the start since there’s something familiar already in the landscape. It also gives my subjects something to play with—we had a blast with the refurbished picture frames, playing peek-a-boo with Kayleigh and making her squeal when we pretended to cough.

Kayleigh was an absolute peach in every way. She laughed and giggled the entire time, and with a face that precious and animated, I naturally wanted to make that smile the focal point of as many shots as possible.

She wore a soft violet jumper, which blended in perfectly with the violets and thistles that formed the backdrop of a number of the shots. She literally looks like she sprung up from the garden. Mom and dad wore white, which really made Kayleigh pop. With tons of natural light, it was easy to highlight different sides of her big personality and create some gorgeous effects.

One of my favorites is of Kayleigh raised up against the sun with just her dad’s arms and hands visible in the foreground. She literally looks like an angel—it’s a shot that her parents will re-purpose years from now for her wedding for sure.