The Crop Factor | Bethesda Family Photographer

A cornerstone of my business has always been that I believe clients should always have access to their digital files. It is more likely today that you will share your moments electronically rather than in print. As I discussed in an earlier post, you can't pass down a hard drive to your children.

Because you will most likely only print a few images to gift to parents or display in your home, why not spend a little extra order quality prints from a professional printing lab?  Professional printing labs are ideal because they are calibrated to a photographers color profiles, do not auto color correct the images, and a bunch of other technical stuff that is really important. Bottom line-- sometimes prints from places like Target and Ritz Camera look completely different than what your photographer intended them to look like or even your very own computer screen. You don't know how many times I've seen my beautiful images printed out and everyone looks green!

While perusing Pinterest this evening (and by peruse.. I mean spending at least 4 blissful hours looking up succulent plant wall art.. so random!) I came across an image by another photographer reminding me of the importance of CROPPING.

Most images taken straight from the camera will be in a 4x6 format (or 2:3 ratio), but most prints you hang or display are 5x7 or 8x10.  So when you are not printing from a pro lab, be sure to check and see a preview of how the image will be cropped. Because in most cases, a computer, and not a human, might chop off a very important part of your image. :-)