The Matarazzo Family | Rockville Family Photographer

The Matarazzo family is a modern day melting pot. With a Filipino mom, an Italian dad, and a Korean grandmother, these kids epitomize modern American. Luckily for Sophia, her grandmother bought her a very special dress to celebrate her first birthday..also known in Korea as her "dol-bok". 

Before the main part of the celebration, the baby is dressed in very colorful, ornate clothing called dol-bok. The dol-bok that the child wears differs according to the child’s sex. A girl would wear a striped jogori, a long red chima (skirt), a gold-and-silver printed jobawi (hat) and tarae-busun. In addition to their dol-bok, boys and girls would wear a long dol-ddi (belt that wraps around the body twice) for longevity and a dol-jumuni (pouch) for luck. The dol-jumuni would be made of fine silk, with a thread to open and close it. Buttons were not used in the dol-bok, to symbolize longevity.

Sophia was kind enough to let her sister participate in the fun. Don't they look so colorful?! I want one for my next birthday.