The Matarazzo Family | Rockville Family Photographer

The Matarazzo family is a modern day melting pot. With a Filipino mom, an Italian dad, and a Korean grandmother, these kids epitomize modern American. Luckily for Sophia, her grandmother bought her a very special dress to celebrate her first birthday..also known in Korea as her "dol-bok". 

Before the main part of the celebration, the baby is dressed in very colorful, ornate clothing called dol-bok. The dol-bok that the child wears differs according to the child’s sex. A girl would wear a striped jogori, a long red chima (skirt), a gold-and-silver printed jobawi (hat) and tarae-busun. In addition to their dol-bok, boys and girls would wear a long dol-ddi (belt that wraps around the body twice) for longevity and a dol-jumuni (pouch) for luck. The dol-jumuni would be made of fine silk, with a thread to open and close it. Buttons were not used in the dol-bok, to symbolize longevity.

Sophia was kind enough to let her sister participate in the fun. Don't they look so colorful?! I want one for my next birthday.


hits + misses | miami wrap up

Below are some hits and misses from my glorious week in Miami:
*Florida Weather*
*Cuban Food*
*Room Service*
*South Beach and my favorite restaurant there EVER~Prime 112*

*Airport change fees* Why on earth should it cost you more to get home earlier than the whole cost of the plane ticket
*Traffic in Miami* I may be delusional, but I really thought traffic couldn't be as bad anywhere like it is in D.C. I was very wrong
*High Schoolers* PDA is at a whole new level in 2012 for teenagers at school
*My ankle* It is still really messed up and I was limping most of the time


Perfectly Pink | Georgetown Family Photographer

Fall 2011 was a whirlwind. The beginning of the season was cold and there was even a little snow, but November was a gift. The weather was perfect most weekends and the families as always were adorable. Below is a session from one of my favorite spots in Georgetown, The Old Stone House.


Getting Ready Pictures | Bethesda Wedding Photographer

Now that holiday card season is over, I am in full wedding obsession. I had an amazing consult tonight with a potential bride and a conversation I had with her reminded me of a very important post I wanted to write.....why it is important to take getting ready photos.

I often get asked by brides if we can skip their pre-wedding photos because let's face it...who wants to see pictures of themselves with ZERO makeup and their hair all sorts of crazy.. I know not me!

But pre-wedding photos are some of THE MOST IMPORTANT images and not for the reasons you might think. This is the time I take all of your detail shots. Your dress, your shoes, your perfume, your jewelry, and your bouquet... all the things you spent months planning perfectly get the spotlight while you are primping and preparing for your ceremony.

Then once that almost final touch of makeup has been applied, we get some of the most thoughtful and touching images of the day... you...ready.. full of anticipation and joy..looking radiant. And who would want to miss a memory of that?

Valentine's Day Mini-Sessions | Bethesda Family Photographer


Sunshine on a cloudy day | Mariska | Bethesda Family Photographer

When I think about my morning time with Mariska that December day,I can't help but start to sing
"I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
And when it’s cold outside girl I’ve got the month of may
Oh I guess you’d say what can make me feel this way
My girl, talkin’ ’bout my girl, my girl"

She's got soooo much honey.....

Thank you Mariska for bringing me some sunshine that morning and for your lovely mother who is always a pleasure to spend time with.