Adventures in Restaurant Week | SAX (aka the Moulin Rouge)

Some people look forward the opening week of their favorite sports, others the first day of school. My favorite two weeks of the year revolve around....you guessed it...food. D.C. Restaurant week is the time to go out and try new fancy pants restaurants that you ordinarily wouldn't go to or couldn't afford other than a special occasion. This go around, a friend of mine set up dinner at this new lounge downtown called "SAX". Now, this place is so "secret", that there wasn't even a sign on the front door. The cab driver who dropped me off was like "are you sure this is the right place?". I shrugged my shoulders and replied "I sure hope so, but if someone grabs me and pulls me inside when I knock on the front door, please call 911". 
I felt like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz at the gates of the Emerald City(get it, Dorothy, hahaha, I crack myself up). The doors opened up and instead of the munchkins cheerily greeting me, scandalously clad ladies, floor to ceiling red velvet walls, crystal chandeliers, and serious looking guys in black suits ushered me in. I could write buckets about this place, but I think the best way to describe it is if the Moulin Rouge met Eyes Wide Shut and had a baby, that would be SAX.
The food was delish but I must say my favorite thing was that they had a huge champagne bar with a bazillion(take that debt ceiling!) different kinds of bubbly goodness.  My new favorite drink in the whole wide world is  called "Hana Hou Hou Hana Sparkling Sake." It was like magic in my mouth. 

*All images courtesy of google