The Villa Family | Bethesda Family Photographer

It usually happens around Thursday every week, the knot slowly starts to develop every time I frantically check the weather to figure out if it is going to ran or not over the weekend. This weekend was super important because not only was there one jam packed mini-session day, but TWO! But this week was different, every morning leading up until Saturday, the weatherman cheerily spoke music to my ears...SUNSHINE...high 75degrees...THANK YOU!!!!

I knew as soon as Charlie and Cecilia bounced over the bridge at Glen Echo Park Saturday morning, that we were going to be in for a good time. They were both the sweetest friendliest children, and it is no wonder, because their mother, Shelbie, and their father, Matt, couldn't have been nicer. They are the kind of family I want to call up on a random weekend and invite over for a bbq.


The Lefko Family| Silver Spring Family Photographer

Tucked away in Wheaton, Maryland is a 50 acre public garden that rivals Versaille. How on earth have I lived in Montgomery County, Maryland for almost 10 year and never been to the Brookside Gardens? The landscaping was lush and the weather was perfection as the Lefko family made their way past the butterfly garden to meet me. Cole and Sasha were ready for some fun and were nice enough to give me tons of great smiles that morning.


The Garrett Family | Bethesda Family Photographer

Marian had emailed me a few weeks before her shoot to tell me that her son Isaiah was EXTREMELY shy and that she was worried he wouldn't cooperate well for portraits. Little did she know, that I have quite a few tricks up my sleeves when it comes to kids. See, not every kid is the same. Some pop out of their parents mini-vans and bounce up to me and say "Look at me!! Take my picture!! I am five and can speak 7 languages and tap dance!!" and then some are like Isaiah. He is a sweet, thoughtful little boy who really likes to take his time getting to know people and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You see, every child just wants to feel understood and have a great time. Once you establish right away that they came to see you to have fun, all of their worries disappear once you start to play games and tell some jokes. That is my not-so-secret secret(and the fact that I bribed him with candy and gave him his favorite disney character toy as soon as we met). So here are some shots of the Garrett family just having a great time on a Saturday afternoon in the Kentlands.

P.S. Boys love it when you say "Farts, Burps, Pee, and Worms". Get's em every time.