Landry the Incredible Hulk | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

It all started with my wedding. My husband's family is HUGE on kids. I mean that literally and figuratively, there are tons of them. So when it came time to create our guest list for our wedding, we not only really wanted every little munchkin there, but we wanted them to have a great time, which in turn would allow their parents to have a great time. And that's where the photobooth came in.... We had tons and tons of costumes and hats for EVERYONE(big people and little people). The kids loved dressing up for the photobooth so much that they wore their costumes around the entire wedding. The little boys especially loved being in the star wars/spiderman/batman gear and the little girls wore crowns and princess dresses. It got me thinking that if they loved dressing up this much at my wedding, they MUST love dressing up this much at home! And what better to remember that they LOVED spiderman/starwars/batman/etc. better than a fun photoshoot of them having fun in their costume?

Tanzi is a local event planner and when she saw my "superheroes" themed mini-session she KNEW her son Landry would love it. He is having an "Incredible Hulk" themed birthday party next week and thought it would be the coolest thing to have a poster of him dressed as the hulk at the party for his friends to sign and a picture of Landry on the Thank You cards. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it when mom's get creative. This sort of thing is exactly why all of my packages are digital. I just love everything you can do with an image besides printing it out and putting it in a frame when you add a little creativity and some internet savvyness.

So here is Landry trying his HARDEST to give me a mean face. The kid is just too sweet and trying to get him to be mean was like trying to get me to be quiet... it just wasn't his thing.

I hope you have a great birthday party Landry!! Save some cake for me!

P.S. Yes, we totally made the poor kid run around a dirty alley with no shoes on while we screeched "Landry don't walk over there! No no, there is glass over there!!!" This is why models make the big bucks.