Landry the Incredible Hulk | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

It all started with my wedding. My husband's family is HUGE on kids. I mean that literally and figuratively, there are tons of them. So when it came time to create our guest list for our wedding, we not only really wanted every little munchkin there, but we wanted them to have a great time, which in turn would allow their parents to have a great time. And that's where the photobooth came in.... We had tons and tons of costumes and hats for EVERYONE(big people and little people). The kids loved dressing up for the photobooth so much that they wore their costumes around the entire wedding. The little boys especially loved being in the star wars/spiderman/batman gear and the little girls wore crowns and princess dresses. It got me thinking that if they loved dressing up this much at my wedding, they MUST love dressing up this much at home! And what better to remember that they LOVED spiderman/starwars/batman/etc. better than a fun photoshoot of them having fun in their costume?

Tanzi is a local event planner and when she saw my "superheroes" themed mini-session she KNEW her son Landry would love it. He is having an "Incredible Hulk" themed birthday party next week and thought it would be the coolest thing to have a poster of him dressed as the hulk at the party for his friends to sign and a picture of Landry on the Thank You cards. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it when mom's get creative. This sort of thing is exactly why all of my packages are digital. I just love everything you can do with an image besides printing it out and putting it in a frame when you add a little creativity and some internet savvyness.

So here is Landry trying his HARDEST to give me a mean face. The kid is just too sweet and trying to get him to be mean was like trying to get me to be quiet... it just wasn't his thing.

I hope you have a great birthday party Landry!! Save some cake for me!

P.S. Yes, we totally made the poor kid run around a dirty alley with no shoes on while we screeched "Landry don't walk over there! No no, there is glass over there!!!" This is why models make the big bucks.


Wedding Hangover

So it has been almost a year after my wedding, and I am FINALLY getting around to putting up prints in our house. You would think as a photographer, my home would be covered wall to wall in beautiful images. NOPE. It has been 13 months since we moved into our condo and our walls are COMPLETELY BARE. You would swear it was one of those models they show you when you are looking to build your home, devoid of any inkling of the people who live in it. 

I simply  can't commit to putting holes in the wall and screwing up my "collage" idea. What if it is crooked? How do I choose which ones to put up?  I have about 20 frames sitting in our office on the floor waiting for images to be put in and I can't decide. It is just too permanent. 

And then I saw THIS. This is exactly what I needed to not only showcase all 3 million of my wedding pictures, but to not make me look like a complete narcissist with pictures of myself and Rob hung all over our house. Now, I need to figure out how to actually make this...maybe by 2012 you will see a blog post where I actually order it and hang it up. Stay tuned. 


Baby Zinn

What a fun morning sneaking in a quick outdoor shoot after the crazy wet weather we have been having. You would have never guessed by the smiles on this little boy's face, that we basically had him hanging out in piles of muddy grass… luckily yesterday was warm spring day, so we could capture these photos! I hope these photos are an accurate prediction of the easy going little man that I believe he will grow up to be.



Baby Nora is no stranger to this blog. She has the nicest mom and the funniest dad. Not only is she cute, she is also bilingual and her silly dad made her giggle all morning in both English and Indonesian. Imut-Imut(according to google) means cutie-patootie in Indonesian.


French Class Sweethearts

This afternoon I had the pleasure of having lunch with two old friends, and one new one. Leslie and Bill are the epitome of high school sweethearts. I can distinctly remember Bill trying to parlez avec elle, and Leslie being smitten by his attempts at french pronunciation. Thanks to facebook, the fact that we hadn't physically SPOKEN didn't mean a thing. We quickly picked up where we left off at prom and I got to meet the newest member of their family, Drew.

He is the happiest, sweetest baby! So glad I got to hang out with you guys today and looking forward to meeting up again soon.


The Harries Family

The Harries Family are a bunch of troopers for sure. As they arrived for their cherry blossom mini-session it started to rain steadily and I thought for sure the day was ruined. I walked up to their car window and told Melisa that I completely understood if she wanted to go home. She cheerfully decided that a little rain wouldn't kill anyone and out hopped her and her family into the garden. As we started to shoot, the sun came out and so did Sophie & Jack's huge smiles.


The Bare Family

Springtime in D.C. is my absolute favorite time of year. After a long cold winter(but not that much snow thankfully), seeing the fresh pink blossoms just makes every day seem a little better.

The morning of our cherry blossom mini-shoot, the weather was iffy to say the least. One minute it would be sunny, the next minute it would be hailing. But thankfully, it held out just enough for the Bare kids to have a great time.

Brookes and Audrey are the best. Brookes is super funny, and Audrey is just sweet sweet sweet(kind of like the candy that I brought for the kids, but ended up eating most of it).  They had a great time and it really shines through in their photos.


Flower Power

Today has been such an amazing day weather-wise. After a strange weekend of hail/sunshine, today has been such a gift.