Symbol of Hope

As the Cherry Blossom season coincides with both the fiscal and calendar years in Japan, it marks the arrival of new beginnings – students start their first day of school and new employees start their first day of work. The intense and vibrant blossoming of Cherry Blossoms bestows us with the license to hope and dream of greater things. It likewise gives us the sanction to forget past disappointments and failures and to look ahead with optimism and enthusiasm.


The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too. ~Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912


Literary Lady

Laura is one of those girls who can have her nose in a book one minute and her feet on the dance floor the next. She is always a burst of energy and kindness and I love her excitement. Don't be fooled by her stunning looks in her tiny little package, this chic is a literary genius and could probably beat anyone at a good game of scrabble.


Lucy's First Play Date

Today we took Lucy to play with Orla, another westie puppy girl who is only 2 days older than her. They had SUCH a great time. Lucy of course was her outgoing enthusiastic self. Orla was a bit more reserved, but totally came out of her shell towards the end of the playdate.


The Lopez Boyz

Gavin and Trent are the epitome of boys boyz. They are rough and tumble and totally want you to think they are tough guys. But underneath that rugged "I'm not going to listen to YOU" exterior, are complete mush gushy sweetie pies. I heart them.

Party like its 1985

I learned a few pretty valuable lessons this morning while taking an "Intermediate Indoor Portraiture" class.
1) If the "studio" is some guys living room.. probably not a real studio
2) If while in this "studio", there are masterfully hung portraits of brides in all of their 1985 shoulder pad beaded glory...your teacher probably has no clue about modern photography.
3) If your model is a head on a post mannequin named "Loretta", you def got ripped off.


The Luck of the Irish(and in my case, Irish/Italian/Polish/German)

While taking Lucy for a walk today I couldn't stop thinking about how absolutely lucky I am. Not many girls get to live their dreams, and I am living mine everyday.


Shamrock Shake

You know that saying "Everybody is a little bit Irish"? Well, little Nora is the epitome of St. Patrick's day. An Irish mommy + an Indonesian daddy=the cutest little shamrock EVER.


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